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by Nydas




‘What are you wearing!?’ Cheryl looked at Angie her eyes narrowing.

‘Enough!’ Angie warned,’ These are my lucky jeans, I can’t fly without them.’

‘And I can’t go to Berlin with you in them, I do not want to sit next to you wearing a deck chair!’

‘Well, I’m not changing, so get used to it. Wow! Those assertiveness classes are really starting to pay off.’

Cheryl grumbled towards the check in desk wondering if she could change her seat. Angie was remembering the last time she’d worn her flying jeans. Honeymoon it was, to Florida. Long haul that had been, like the marriage. Hard work, empty and pointless at the end of six years when he’d run off with his secretary, so original!  This was her new start, a break away with a mate to mark the end of a sorry year when her emotions had never been far from the surface. She shook herself and handed over her boarding card as they reached the terminal. She was having her doubts that Cheryl was the right person to be going away with now.


‘Check it out!’ Cheryl gestured towards the flight attendant seeing passengers onto the plane. ‘Nice!’


Angie grinned, ‘Not bad’ she thought, ‘nice eyes, tight body but bound to be a bastard!’

‘He’s a trolley dolly,’ she said ‘hardly going to be interested in women is he?’


‘What an assumption!’ Cheryl feigned shock, ‘They’re all fair game as far as I’m concerned, I’d just convert him!’


‘You’d give it a good try!’ Angie was laughing now, ‘If anyone could do it you could.’ Cheryl’s trad blonde, blue-eyed looks were always a winner. Angie thought her more mousy brown looks were far less impressive, she was aware people thought of her as pretty but never a stunner like Cheryl. That was ok though, her newly acquired assertiveness had helped to bolster her confidence in so many ways. She was determined that she would be a bolder, braver person now she was pretty much shot of the marriage baggage.


Once the seatbelt light was off Angie stood up. I’m going to wander a bit, restless legs’ The plane wasn’t big, so she couldn’t wander far but she’d always wanted to see what the first class section was like. She couldn’t afford to pay so figured if she just wandered through she might check it out. There was a heavy curtain shielding first class from the plebs, Angie gently moved it to one side.


‘Fraulein, can I help you?’ A pair of drown-in-me brown eyes regarded her thoughtfully. Angie blushed deep red, this new found determination to be bold could be embarrassing. She told the truth, no point in making up stories.


‘Well, may I give you a tour?’ Brown eyes asked.


He showed her round, then sat her down in one of the spare seats and brought her a glass of champagne. Another head popped through the curtain,

‘Ange, what are you doing?’

Brown eyes left his post, ‘Fraulein, this area is for first class passengers only.’ He ushered her back to her side of the curtain. Angie folded up with mirth, Cheryl’s face had been a picture, she wasn’t used to getting the brush off. A twinge of guilt prompted her to stand.

‘Thanks very much, but I’d better go and rejoin my friend.’

‘You are most welcome,’ Brown eyes twinkled, ‘please phone me if you would like a guide in Berlin.’ He pushed a card into her hand. She smiled passing through the curtain back to Cheryl who was incredulous when she heard what had happened.

‘You’ve still got it!’ she said winking at Angie.

‘Maybe,’ Angie grinned, she doubted that she’d phone him but it was nice to know she had options. ‘I’m flying!’ she said and she’d just taken off!


© Nydas 2011


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