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by WaylandCybersmith

I’ve been wed for 30 years,

Happy now as we were back then
The secret I will share with you
And you will be wiser men

Find a woman that sears your mind
Who turns your blood to fire
Who melts your legs into jelly
And fills your heart with desire

A woman whose face and form
Haunt your every thought
First thing in the morning
And very last thing at night

Buy her clothes and jewelry
Take her to the finest places
Dine with her and dance with her
Compliment her graces.

A long stemmed rose for valentine
And twelve on her birthday
And bouquets for no reason at all.

Give her all your energy,
Your passion and devotion
Give her your heart, your strength
Your love and adoration.

Make this woman’s happiness
The goal of your very life
But, above all, mark me well,
Just don’t tell the wife.

© Colin Nelson www.waycyber.com


© WaylandCybersmith 2011


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