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by jack4daw

"The end of the World is nigh!"

He cried.

With his sandwich board

slung front and back

“Repent while you still have the chance!"

He sighed.

Folks called him the reverend Jack,

Known all around

As a bit of a pest,

Jack searched every crowd for an ear,

Relentless was he,

In pursuit of his quest

Though he stopped

Now and then for a beer

One day at a bus stop

Jack sallied a shout.

"Time is scarce will you listen to me?!"

When a frivolous voice from the crowd

Echoed out

“have we time for a nice cup of tea?”

Alas for poor Jack,

Time did run out...

One day

As he drank from a bottle of meth

he fell down an uncovered manhole

They say

And his sandwich board

Choked him to death.


© jack4daw 2011


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