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by WaylandCybersmith

Friar James watched his novice, Simon, who was stomping and banging and clattering and showing all the signs of adolescent frustration.


"What troubles you, Simon?"


"I want to be free."


"And what is freedom?"


"Being able to do whatever I like.  I'm tired of study, and chores, and lessons."


"Come with me, then."


Friar James took Simon to the Big Top of a circus, where he indicated the high wire act that was practicing.


"Are they free?"


"Yes.  Look how they twist and somersault."


"Do you see their practice harnesses?"




"Do you see the net below them?"




"That is why they can be free to perform on the high wire.  If they slip, the harness protects them.  If the harness breaks, the net protects them."


"But they don't use a harness when they perform in front of an audience."


"Nevertheless, what they can do without the harness is because they have practised with one.  And there is still the net.  So you see, when you yearn for freedom, remember that you cannot truly be free unless you recognise hazards and plan for them."


"But if those high wire performers wanted to avoid hazards, they would not be up there in the first place."


"A life worth living is full of hazards.  To avoid them all, a person would have to avoid life.  And that in itself is a hazard.  To learn how to deal with hazards is to be confident and free of fear.  So we must be willing to listen to those that have walked the path before us.  What you perceive as limits to your freedom are the very things that make you free."


© Colin Nelson www.waycyber.com



© WaylandCybersmith 2011


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