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by WaylandCybersmith

Radiance: May 9

TRÉGRYSTYON: No. 6, Dader 07.51

Archer shook Bonnar awake.

“Where am I?”

“In the village.”

“What do you want, Brian?”

“Information. I need to find out more about this place.”

“Whose side are you on? The community? NSC? Maybe the Marracks?”

“That would be telling. Just trust me. I want information.”

“You won’t get it today. It’s Sunday.”

“By hook or by crook, I will. Look. These seem like peaceful people, but they are up against an enemy that couldn’t care less about that. What are they going to do to defend themselves?”

Just then, the bedroom screen came to life. “Good morning Trégrystyon. The weather today will be fine and sunny. Breakfast is currently being distributed to all houses. Morning worship will start at eleven hundred at Dader Central Hall. All community members are asked to be there but, if you can’t, the service will be broadcasted throughout the village. Lunch will be distributed at thirteen hundred, at which time house and room assignments will be available on the community web pages. The evening meeting will commence at nineteen hundred, and will include baptisms. And now for your listening pleasure, Beethoven’s Zur Namensfeier.”

Bonnar and Archer climbed the ramp to the living area. Some of the men were bringing in large boxes and placing them on a long counter. One woman produced trays of hot food from some orange boxes and arranged them in a line. Another woman opened a green box and produced a stack of plates and trays of cutlery. 

“OK,“ said Yarin Wise, “line up. Take a plate and cutlery, and help yourselves. When you’re done, waste food in the bin provided. Plates and cutlery in the green box.”

“Yarin, where do we do the washing up? This sink is too small for that lot. Is there a dishwasher or something?”

“Yes, in Cüfter.”

“No washing up!! Yaaay!!”

“Are you volunteering to join the Cüfter team, Kevin?”

“No, Yarin.”

“OK. That brings me to an announcement, so listen. Now we are in one village, we will not be staying in our community house groupings. Each area in Trégrystyon serves the whole community in a particular way. For instance, we have a whole area dedicated to our construction businesses, another area provides all our health care needs, laundry, cooking, clothing store, all are centralized After breakfast, check the web site to see where you will be working. If you want to move into that area, click the option. The final room assignments will be available after lunch.”

Bonnar and Archer decided to have a look around. They were strolling down a tree-lined road when they heard a beeping behind them. They stood to one side as a small car slid past them almost silently.

“These guys are definitely not low tech, David. I designed those cars years ago. They use Ti-Ger batteries charged from induction circuits under the roadway.”

“They look like golf carts.”

Archer looked around to see if anyone was near. “Look, David. The Central Hall seems to have their IT equipment. I’m going to see what surveillance equipment they have.”

“What makes you think they’ve got any?”

“If they don’t, they’ll need it. What’s to stop anyone attacking this place? They wouldn’t have a chance.”

“Brian, look at that man over there. What’s that he’s reading?”

“Looks like a racing paper from here.”

“Does that strike you as strange for a community member?”

“I don’t know. Should it?”

“Could you have a word with him, find out who he is?”

“What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking we have a few Marracks here.”

“So? Do you think the Marracks are a threat?”

“You know the Marracks, don’t you, Sethor?”

“What are you saying?”

“I’ve been doing some research. Sethor is Cornish for Archer, isn’t it?”

“Look. It’s over. Let’s keep it that way.”

“Jack Rowlands defused thirty odd bombs that you built!”

“Yes. I admit it. I built them. I also helped Jack defuse them.”

“So, what’s going on? I asked you once today, I’ll ask you again. Whose side are you on?”

“I’m on the side of Cornwall, and maybe on the side of these Christians.”

“So, you aren’t going to try and destroy them?”

“No. Trust me. The answer is no. Are you coming with me into the hall or not?”

“No. I’m going to wander around. Take in the sights.”

TRÉGRYSTYON: Kerensa 08.21

Jean and Cassie were exploring the hospital and care facilities.

“I thought you’d want to be as far away from these places as you could, Jean.”

“No. I’m wondering if I can go back to medicine now. I might enjoy it.”

“What were you before? A nurse?”

“A nurse? I was a surgeon. I worked in Accident and Emergency. All those broken people made me want to find a way of helping them. That’s when I started on the stem cell project where I had the accident. What about you? Are you going to get bored here?” 

“No. There’s too much to learn. I thought I’d see if they’d let me work in Crés. That’s where they fix the vehicles.”

“Will you miss not seeing into people’s heads?”

“Not if I can sleep without nightmares.”  Cassie shifted uncomfortably. “Jean, I want you to be the first to know.”

“To know what?”

“I’m getting baptized tonight.”

“That’s wonderful.”

“You don’t think that it’s crazy?”

“No. I think crazy is what we’ve come from.”

“What about you?”

“I was baptized years ago.”

“You’re a Christian?”

“I would have said yes at one time. I drifted away. I think it may be time to come back.”

GLOUCESTER: Blue Lotus Collective 08.57

Jack Newhouse watched his guest stride up the staircase.  

“Louis.  It’s good to see you.  Come on in, my old friend.”

The two went into Newhouse’s office, and he poured two large glasses of whiskey.

“No thank you, John.  It’s far too early for me.”

“Nonsense, Louis.  That’s what this place is all about.  Doing what you like whenever you like.”

“Indeed.  That is why I have come here today.  I thought I ought to tell you in person.”

“Yes?  Is something the matter?”

“First of all, I want you to know that I think you and your team do splendid work here.”

“We didn’t do too well yesterday.”

“Never mind that.  However, you are aware of the National Cleansing?”

“Of course.  How can we not?  We were worried at first, but as we have your protection—”

“That’s just it.  I can protect you no longer.  Your entire collective are to be taken to the Isle of Wight.”


“It started as soon as I came into this office.”

“By whose order?”

“The Minister for the Home Office.”

“But that’s you.”

“I know.  Sorry about that.”

Two Grunts burst into the office and bundled Newhouse out of the door.

“I think I will have that whiskey after all.”

Through the window, Seaver watched as people of all kinds and in all states of dress were being herded onto coaches.

TRÉGRYSTYON: Kerensa 12.37

Ruth and Bligh strolled around the streets of the village.  It had been quiet while everyone was at the morning meeting, but now streams of people made their way back to the community houses.

“I’ll say one thing, Ruth.  This place is a whole lot different with people in it.”

“Even if they are Sawsnek?”

“Well, they may not be Kernowek, but they are not just English.  They’re from all over the place.”

“So, are you going to leave them in peace?”

“Well, now Yow Kernow is free, there are more pressing matters.  Now is the time for talking.  You were right there.”

“This is where we could have done with Anden and the others.”

“True indeed, but they’re gone and we can’t bring them back.  You are the only one left.”

“What about Dew?”

“As I said.  You’re the only one left.  Don’t ask again.” 

TRÉGRYSTYON: Skentoleth12.49

When Una caught up with them, Anne and John were sitting in a park, holding hands, and watching children play with a huge beach-ball.

“Anne, John. Watcha doing here? All the action’s in the main hall. You missed the meeting.”

“Hi Una. We were there earlier. We’ve been doing some thinking. This isn’t the place for us. Some things about this community don’t sit right with me. I don’t know how long we will be staying. I hear that churches are going to be opening up again around Cornwall. Maybe there’s room for me in one.”

“Oh, don’t say that, John. We can make this work. These are great people. I feel right at home here, but it wouldn’t be the same without you and Anne. Mario and Paul are staying.”

“We aren’t gone yet. We might be here for some time. Even when we do, we won’t be far away.”

“You never know, ya might change your minds.”

“You never know, Una.”


Ray Walker glanced at his watch.

“Checking the time again, Ray? That must be the hundredth time since you came on shift. You got a date or something?”

“I wish I did. I’m fed up with guarding this sturming place. It’s so depressing.”

“Why? Nothing happens here. The loony’s are safely tucked up inside.”

“Have you even seen the people that come here? I have. Whole families sometimes, some with babes in arms.”

“From what I hear it’s a holiday camp inside. They have everything they need, and they don’t even have to work for it.”

“If it’s so good, why are there three rings of five-meter high walls all around it with those dogs wandering between them?”

“Look, Ray. It’s just a job. OK? Just a way to get enough money to get by another month. It’s best not to think too much about it.”

The conversation was interrupted when a fiery red Cadillac DTS pulled up at the barrier. Aden rolled the window down.

“Oh, it’s you, sir.”

“Yes, Mr. Walker. Be so kind as to let me in the compound, I’m here for a surprise inspection.”

“Yes sir. Are you by yourself?”

“On this occasion, yes.”

“Very good sir.”

The barrier rose and Aden drove in. Walker turned to his colleague. “I’m surprised he’s out here with a cold like that.”

“I know what you mean. He looked like death warmed up.”


Jed Hopeful looked over the packed Central Hall. “I would like to welcome everyone here, especially our visitors and helpers, the Marracks, and our new friends from the NSC. So, let’s start as we mean to go on, with a shout of ‘Jesus is Lord’.”

“Jesus is Lord!”

“Before we start, we must remember those that have lost their lives for the sake of this community. Let us thank God for our faithful leader, Joshua Goodwill, and pray for our friend, Neville Lamb, who gave his life trying to protect Joshua.”

There was a period of celebration as the lives of the dead were remembered with love and gratitude. When a person died in the community, it was with the knowledge that a friend had gone on ahead to where the others would join them once again, so grief and thanksgiving were intertwined. 

Bonnar shared his memories of Lamb. Cassie remained with Jean to comfort her.

Then Jed introduced Arthur Windsor and gave him the mike.

“A darkness has come upon the British Isles. A darkness born of fear spread by lies and mistrust. It demands selfishness in place of hospitality, greed instead of generosity, and independence instead of community. Respect and trust are almost unknown. 

“Science and laws intended to raise the darkness and bring the light of reason have only succeeded in making the shroud denser. Those with the light, the light of faith, have been denounced as delusional. Their messages of love, peace, and kindness have been dismissed.

“For this reason, I take up the title bestowed upon my ancestor, Defender of The Faith. I declare Kernow a nation where all believers can live and worship without let or hindrance. I give Trégrystyon to the Wild Olive Shoot Community and establish it as a centre of Christian community in Kernow.”

At the end of rapturous applause, there was the sound of a single person slow hand-clapping. Walking up the main aisle was Lord Louis Seaver. “A fine speech, Arthur. A fine speech. Well done.”

“What are you doing here Seaver?”

“Why, Arthur, I’m coming to congratulate you all and give you my best wishes for this daring endeavor. You have succeeded despite our best efforts to prevent it, although I doubt this venture will last a year.”

“So, you admit to being behind the troubles we’ve had?”

“If you mean the campaign against the Wild Olive Shoot Community, and the one to prevent the independence of Cornwall, then yes. I freely admit it. Why not? It was for the good of the British people.”

“Even if it meant killing your own people?”

“Yes, Mr. Bonnar. Sometimes the few have to be sacrificed for the greater good.”

“What do you mean, David?”

“Seaver set the DOGS against the RRK, Brian, in order to turn public opinion against Cornish independence.”

“Is this true, Seaver?”

“Of course. The DOGS were true heroes. They laid down their lives for the common good.”

“I read the reports. They didn’t stand a chance.” Before anyone could stop him, Archer produced a knife from his jacket and threw it at Seaver. It buried itself in his arm. 

Seaver staggered backwards, straightened himself up, and then pulled the knife out, throwing it to the ground. Blood soaked through his jacket. He peeled it aside to reveal the crimson stained shirt beneath. He glared at Jed “Is this your new community? Is this what you stand for?”

“No.” Jed came down from the stage. He walked up to Seaver, touched the wound and it was healed. “What is it you have against us, Seaver? Why do you hate Christians?”

“I would have thought that was obvious. You give people hope, and we can’t have that. People know there is a power greater than themselves, which rewards those that submit to it and punishes those that do not. That is our place. We are a jealous government, we accept the existence of no rulers, no law besides that which we permit.”

“What about Europe? You accept their authority over you, don’t you?”

“You think this small island is our only concern? We are legion. Our allies are at work in all countries, bringing about the peaceful unification of all nations. One world. One government. One law. Our law. You’re small victory here will be as nothing.”

“And wherever your allies are, so are our brothers and sisters. Where you bring judgment, we bring mercy. Where you bring bondage, we bring freedom. Where you bring condemnation, we bring forgiveness. Where you destroy, we heal. Where you bring death, we bring life.”

“I’ll allow you your fantasy, and that is all it is. We, however, are as real as a bullet to the brain.” 

“We forgive you for all you have done to us.”

“I do not want your forgiveness, I do not want your mercy, and I especially do not want your healing.” Seaver picked up the knife, stabbed himself in the arm, cast the knife aside, and stormed out.

TRÉGRYSTYON: Dader Central Hall 21.13

The band finished their last song and Jed walked to the microphone. “We have many visitors here tonight, so this is to tell you what happens next. 

“We call this our response time. If you want to be healed, or you want deliverance from demons, or freedom from addictions, or to get guidance for something, this is the time to get it. 

“This Church believes that the ability to do these things can be in any of us who have received The Holy Spirit, not just a few. 

“Prayer is powerful, and we have a God that delights to answer prayer, but this is a time for power. 

“I will pray in a moment that God grants us a faith anointing. Those that receive it will become totally certain that God will act in a particular way. 

“You will know that if you command healing it will happen, because God has given you faith for it. It may not be healing, it may be miracles, or knowledge, or wisdom. Whatever it is, when you have the anointing, come forward to the front.” 

Jed prayed, and about thirty people made their way to the front of the stage, coming from all over the hall. There was an elderly man who could only walk with help from a brother. There was a child of about eight. There were people of all kinds. They stood and faced the congregation. Casey Watchful brought a mike to the first person, a young boy. 

“What is your message?” 

“In Jesus’ Name, I command Agnes Holt to be healed of cancer.” 

In the third gallery, a lady gently folded up and her companions laid her on the floor. 

“Was that Agnes Holt?’ Casey asked the people in the gallery. 


“Did she have cancer?” 

“She had some tests, but we don’t have the results yet.” 

“When you do, be sure she gets retested. We want medical evidence of her healing.” 

Casey turned to the boy that gave the message. “Do you know Agnes Holt?” 

“No. I never knew she existed until just then. I thought I might have made up the name.” 

Casey passed the mike on to a man who looked like a Hell’s Angel. “Brian Archer? Anyone here called Brian Archer?” 

Archer looked around nervously, then stood up, raising his hand like a schoolboy.

“Brian Archer? God forgives you. Nice one.”

Archer sat back down again. He felt something inside change, as if a knot had been undone. He felt strangely warm and at peace. A single word formed in his mind. It was Home. 

“Do you know Brian Archer?”

“Never met the geezer. Saw him earlier. Hey, Brian. Can you give me some knife lessons sometime?”

Casey went along the line. Each person gave a message or command for someone specific in the congregation. Each word had an immediate effect. Some were healed of cancer, depression, heart conditions. Others heard their unspoken fears and secrets revealed.


Cassie was standing in a pool of warm water, a man on either side. Her hands were crossed in front of her and her elbows were grasped by the men, who also had hands just under her shoulder blades.

Jed Hopeful crouched at the end of the baptistery, mike in hand. 

“I would like to introduce Cassie Anders. She has only been with us since Wednesday night. Cassie, tell us a little about yourself.

“Are you sure?”

“Go ahead. Don’t worry.”

“OK. My name is Cassidy Eden Anders. I used to work for the NSC, that’s to say, I’m pretty sure that they don’t want me anymore. I had psychic abilities from when I was seven. I could read minds, see into the future, move objects with my mind and so on. I also practiced magic – no voodoo or anything like that, just sleep, protection and divination spells. Well, er, anyway. Joshua prayed and I was baptized in The Holy Spirit, so all that is in the past.”

“Why do you want to be baptized, Cassie?”

“When I felt The Holy Spirit come into me, it felt so good, so pure, I knew it was real. Believe me; I’ve had lots of spiritual experiences to compare it with. It felt right. It felt like I had come home. So, I have no choice but to go all the way. Put my old life behind me and discover what this new one is all about.”

“Does anyone have any words for Cassie?”

An elderly lady raised her hand, and the mike was passed to her. “Cassie, you have been in darkness and confusion for much of your life, but God is going to show you His wonders, and you will forget about what has happened before.”

The mike was passed to a formally dressed gentleman. “Cassie, I believe that God will make you into a beacon. People will see Him in you, and you will light the way for them.”

A young woman, about Cassie’s age, took the microphone. “Cassie, God is going to give you His peace and joy. I believe that He will use you to bring healing and deliverance to people. He is also going to give you discernment of spirits.”

“Er, I don’t understand what that is.”

“You will be able to see the truth of things. How they really are.”

“OK. All done? Right then. Cassie. Do you repent of your sins?”


“No, you have to say the whole bit.”

“Sorry. Yes, I repent of my sins.”

“Do you renounce the world?”

“Yes, I renounce the world.”

“Do you renounce the flesh?”

“Yes, I renounce the flesh.”

“Do you renounce the devil?”

“Yes, I renounce the devil.”

“Do you turn to Christ?”

“Yes, I turn to Christ.”

“OK, Cassie, I want you to shout as loud as you can ‘Jesus is Lord’.”

“Jesus is Lord!”

“We baptize you into the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We baptize you into the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of The Holy Spirit. By the one Spirit, you are baptized with us into the one Body, the church of Jesus Christ. In the Name that is above every other name, the Name of Jesus Christ who is Lord, we now baptize you.”

Cassie was plunged backwards into the water, and then brought back up onto her feet, with a look of pure joy. The hands of the entire congregation reached out towards her and many people prayed aloud in tongues. 


The meeting had finished. Most of the people had gone. Jed and David entered a side-room. David was feeling agitated and anxious. He had made his decision. After seeing what had happened to his colleagues and himself, he felt he had no choice.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this, David? It’s a one way journey.”

“You’re the second person to say something like that to me this week, Jed. Yes, I’m sure. Joshua said it would give me answers.”

“But are you a believer? We don’t normally do this until you’ve been baptized in water.”

“Look. I can’t explain it. There’s this – I don’t even know what to call it. Something inside me says I need this. Please do it.”

Jed placed his hand on David’s head. “In Jesus’ name, receive The Holy Spirit.”

It was like an explosion in David’s mind. Like walls were falling apart. Like being caught up in a massive wave. He felt a kind of electric warmth flush through him. Then he opened his eyes. It was like the first time. Colors were more vibrant. Everything felt new. Then he collapsed in tears that shook his body. Jed put his arm around him. 

David looked up at Jed. “I thought I was supposed to be laughing.”

“It’s different for each person. Just let it happen.”

David felt like he was crying forever. Then patterns started forming in his mind. He still had the same ability, but it was different now. Sharper even than when he wore the patches. Everything fell into place. He understood. Then came a shocking realization. “Amy! She was a Christian! She was part of this community!”

“Yes, David. Sarosh Intercessor says she came to his household in North Tibworth many times over the past few years. She loved you dearly, and prayed for you every day.”

“Why didn’t she tell me?”

“You worked for the NSC. She was afraid of what would happen to you if anyone found out.”

“How is it that I know these things now?”

“God told you. It’s a Holy Spirit gift. Welcome to the Wild Olive Shoot Community, David. Your adventure is just beginning.”

© Colin Nelson www.waycyber.com

© WaylandCybersmith 2011


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