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by DarkramDeNorside


In Wavertree, Liverpool, born and bred.

He was my grandfather, his name was Ted.

In 1940 he went off to war,

But he was caught by Japs escaping Singapore.

In Thailand he was put in to a Prisoner of War camp.

It was maleria infested, sticky and cramped.

A mate of Ted's was found stealing an egg.

And because of that he lost his head.

He was not beheaded with a sharp sword,

But with the serated edge of a bamboo stalk.

His comrades died for the slightest wrong,

With mutilations, tortures, and railway labours for three years long.


After a while he got used to sleeping in the cold mud, cold and hard,

And years later, back in Wavertree, he was often found sleeping in the yard.

When sleep washed over him those hellish nights,

He dreamt of seeing the misty Mersey's port lights.

When the mist finally cleared and the docks came into view,

He glimpsed the Liver Birds, but he awoke to start a horror day anew.

The dream kept his hopes alive until the dream came true.

And such was the ordeal that Ted had been through,

The people of Wavertree give him a homecoming do

that made him glad to be alive.

And they painted a white slogan above the Town Hall architreve.

And the year he came home was in 1945.


In Wavertree, Liverpool, born and bred.

His name was George Harrison and he lived two doors from Ted.

An unknown band shook the world in 1964.

And Fifteen years later my grandad waited on his steps for the Beatles Tour.

Their fame had spread far and wide, until Japanese tourists came to Merseyside.

When they got off the bus to see where George was born and lived,

In just five words Ted vented his scorn: "F**** off home you nips!"

A trivial reply for all the men that he saw die.


In Wavertree, Liverpool, born and bred.

That's also me, in the same house as Ted.

The year is 1981, And my grandad is a year dead.

I didn't know then what he'd endured,

Til my nan walked me past Wavertree Town Hall.

She pointed out the fading slogan above the door.

I deciphered those words, painted many years before:

'Welcome Home Ted.'


© DarkramDeNorside 2011


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