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by Cuthbert

It’s a cruel fate that has brought us to this place, a tragedy that’s come too soon,
The anger and frustration too much to bear, the NHS singing the same old tune.

I hate to lose you to such a mistake, the disgrace in how they treated you,
And the fact they couldn’t admit their errors, or even give an apology too.

The big ox of life that you were dad, the love and support you gave,
Will never be forgotten or lost, but cherished and in my mind saved.

I know I didn’t take the path you would have liked, my decisions my own to make,
But I have a family that I love now, that you won’t be there makes my heart break.

Not exactly a chip from the old block was I, not sporty or handy in any way!
I found my own way to where I am now, and thank you for persevering I have to say!

I wish I could show you more for your efforts, the start you gave me in life,
But your grandson should be some compensation, with all his trouble and strife!

Whats happened to you, I will never forgive, the scum that cut your time short,
I admire your resolve and determination to endure, and the battle you have fought.

I miss you already dad, my heart torn, a shadow envelopes my soul, a darkened shroud,
I will always love you, and try to be the dad you were to me, I hope I made you proud.

© Cuthbert 2011


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