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by Cuthbert

Floating through the galaxy, along the Milky Way,
Dark skies around, is it night or is it day?
Which way is up? Which way is down?
Hard to tell, with no gravity around,
Worlds whizz past, a technicolour sight,
Moons, rocks, stars, and of course, the sun's light,
A cosmic campsite looms up in our view,
With towers to the sky, red seas and sands too,
Vacation time again, no need for the VR,
As we absorb the rays, of the worlds strongest star,
Sizzling away, coated with sun block and lotion,
Then a quick dip, to cool off in the glistening ocean,
Yes holidays are a far cry from bats and balls and other old things,
But you'll never get rid of the sun bathers, those interstellar baked beings!

© Cuthbert 2011


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