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by Cuthbert

I don't see you all day as you do as you please,
But when the night comes, your innocence leaves,
For when you sleep you lose all control,
As you hurtle your way down an unassailable hole.

The darkness enshrouds you and grips you so tight,
Squeezing out of you, he struggle, the fight,
Welcome to my kingdom, I am the Dream Master,
Where I can run your imagination, faster and faster.

Here you are no-one, my plaything, my slave,
I could twist your mind as if it were on a lathe,
Shall you have peace or shall I torment?
Or let you not dream at all, and leave your mind bent?

I can let you fly in a whirlpool of blue,
But I can threaten your being, with a nightmare too,
Running nowhere is my favourite scare,
Dragging you back to the depths of my lair.

You may see a glimpse of things yet to be,
or if you're really unlucky, you'll dream if me,
Because I am like nothing you'll ever meet by day,
A demon of hell, or angel, who can say?

But one thing is always and forever will be,
That when you slumber away, you're sure to meet me!
And for many an hour you'll have no escape,
Once you've entered my land, a land called Dreamscape.

© Cuthbert 2011


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