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by Cuthbert

I am the fuel that burns the desires you hold,
The drive that moves you when your heart falters,

I am the instigator of courage to conquer your fears,
The bringer of faith, when all appears lost.

I am the light that leads you when your mind clouds,
The guide through treacherous waters, the storms of your mind.

I am the ruler over your passions, your loves and losts,
The defender from those dark days that entrap your thoughts.

I am the spirit that gives flights to the wildest of dreams,
The mediator of reason, providing solace from contradiction.

I am the power to your fury, a rage that boils,
The source of vengeance, the chasm of vilification.

I am you, at your deepest compostition and form,
The mould for your mind, the sculpture of your heart.

I am the life giver, and taker, a double edged sword,
The glowing embers that roar, that are your Soul's Fire.

© Cuthbert 2011


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