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by Cuthbert

The resolve to change is a treasure bestowed to a priveleged few,
The ability to transform our boundaries of comfort without fear,
To appraise our commoditities and evaluate our sphere of interest,
To alter the trajectory of ones path, not yet ventured.

The world which envelopes us, conceals hidden treasures beyond,
But, the dark and fear of the unknown, conjures dread of catastrophe,
Only the strong of heart can endure traversing of old and new,
In our world, where our 'lot', is not always a happy one.

But those who choose to challenge the pre-determined,
Shall be champions of the future,
They will lead us to paradise and feast in glory,
Only these heroes of change can span this mind chasm
Creating a life, devoid of mundanity, a brave, prosperous new world.

© Cuthbert 2011


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