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by Cuthbert

White raking clouds, blue skies flood the day,
Birds raise the chorus, farmers gather the hay,
Rivers babble with life, flow with jest to the sea,
The flourish of the flower, yields it's harvest to the bee,
And then stain upon the world, man's pollution erupts again,
Cars cut scar upon the world, irremovable, the stain.
Creatures retreat to refuge, hearts broken at the site,
And the world weary from the battle, strains under the fight,
Then as planet rotates to dark, the sun yields to the horizon,
Not happy am I to leave a world like this, to my daughter and my son.
Stars gaze down in judgement, of what crimes we permit on the earth,
And judge that there will be a time, when the world must have re-birth.
I close my eyes, slip from reality into dreams,
And endure nightmarish visions, intolerable screams.
With but one world in which to live, a balance must be found,
Or no longer will our future be guaranteed, the footings, most unsound.
So take up your arms and defend the world, it behests all our protection,
And take into your hearts the hills, the trees and show them some affection.

© Cuthbert 2011


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