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by WaylandCybersmith

My name is Karl
I run the bar
Down by the old Brown Quay
I serve the beer
And give a listening ear
To all that come my way
It was a night
Of cold and fog
When the stranger stumbled in
He was big, he was strong
He was hard, he was mean
Yet he wept like a weeping thing.
"What's wrong?" I asked
Like a barman should
When a customer's feeling blue
He simply said
"I miss my wife."
"How far from home are you?"
"I am But twenty miles away."
"Well, why not go to her?"
"You don't understand. Let me explain."
And so he began his tale.
"I am a Special Forces man
I go on secret missions
I could be gone for weeks or months."
"Well, I can see you'd miss your wife."
"Just be quiet and listen."
"I met my wife four years past
Call it love, or passion, or lust.
Our fires blazed through night and day
So we decided to wed
'Twas just a week, when from that bed
My country called me away."
"When the mission was done
and I returned,
I found the house was empty
I drove around 'til it was dark
Then I saw her in the park
In the arms of another man.
I went home
Then she came in
Crying to me for forgiveness.
My love was great
And so I did
So that was put behind us.
Then I was called away again
Across the seas I went
Then, once more, I returned
Once more, my house was empty
I drove until I saw her car
Outside an old motel
I found her room
And saw her there
My rage burned fierce
And home I went
Again, she cried, and said she loved me
Again, she asked me to forgive
And so I did, and all was well
But I have only now returned
To find my house is empty.
I found my wife in a cafe
Laughing and smiling with her latest man
And so I raged, and stormed away
But never will I go home."
"And yet you say you miss your wife.
Three times has she betrayed you.
So why the tears?"
"In truth, three times has she betrayed me,
And three lovers have I shot first time
But every time, I miss my wife."

© Colin Nelson www.waycyber.com


© WaylandCybersmith 2011


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