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by Grimnian

The Gods of Creative Imagination harnessed the powers of the mind, and from those minds extended the three spirits of divine consciousness. Ethereal beings linked throughout all eternity to the three Guardian books.


These books were hidden in three interlinking dimensional worlds. Parenthia (Earth) Vorgania, and Dellvara. The Mind Spirits harboured within the pages of these books could be controlled by the willpower of the Zoriat, mystic explorers from the Earth world Parenthia. 


The Land of Grimney is an ever expanding world... The voice of the Zoriat awaits your words. What creatures remain unknown? What places are as yet undiscoverd?....


We await your words.... We listen for the voices in the wilderness...   


Blessings of the Zoriat upon you.



© Grimnian 2011


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