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by jack4daw

Good people of this lovely town to help you is my aim

I seek to make your dreams come true (at least that is my claim)

You see I know of magic spells I cast them all around

To be a prince costs fifty pence a king is twenty pounds

But if you doubt me gather round

And hear of where I’ve been

I left two queens in London town

Three dukes in Aberdeen

To be very rich was one man's wish

As his story did unfold

Now in the village where he lives

The streets are paved with gold

Another fellow had a dream

Like birds he wished to fly

And at this very moment he is up there in the sky

Now a rather ugly spinster maid had this to ask of me

If I would use my magic power would she a beauty be

Not only did I change her face for a measly fifteen pounds

I matched her with a handsome prince and happiness they found

So harken to me one and all

Step up and pay your dues

It’s not a princely sum to ask for making dreams come true

Some patience now is all you need as the change takes but a day

(And that’s about the time I need to make my getaway).


© jack4daw 2011


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