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by Mrs Mint

Waiter...There's a Sky in my pie

Remove it at once if you please.

You can keep your incredible sunsets

I ordered mincemeat and cheese.

I can't stand Nightingales singing,

or clouds all burnished with gold

the whispering breeze is disturbing the peas

and it's making my chips go all cold!

I don't care if the chef is an artist

Whos canvases hang in the Tate

I want two veg and puff pastry

Not the universe heaped on my plate.

Ok i'll try just a spoonful

I suppose i've got nothing to lose

Mmm, the colours quite tickle the palette

with your blend of delicate hues,

The sun has a 'custardy' flavour

and the clouds are as light as the air

the wind has a chewier texture,

with a hint of cinnamon there.

The sky is simply delicious

why haven't I tried it before?

I can chew my way through Eternity

and still have room left for more.

Having acquired a taste for the Cosmos

I'll polish this sunset off soon

I can't wait to tuck into the 'Night sky'...


...Please bring me the Moon!

© Mrs Mint 2011


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