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by Tanza


Wife:    Does my bum look big in this?

Husb:    Yes.

Wife:    What?

Husb:    I said yes.

Wife:    In what way?

Husb:    In the way that makes it look big.

Wife:    Is it big, big...or just big?

Husb:    It's just big.  You asked me and I've told you.

Wife:    So, is it big because it's big...or just big in this?

Husb:    It looks big in that.

Wife:    So, in general, my bum doesn't look big?

Husb:    I don't know.

Wife:    My bum looks big in this though, yeah?

Husb:    Yeah.

Wife:    If I hold my stomach in, does it look smaller?

Husb:    No.

Wife:    What about now?

Husb:    Not really.

Wife:    I so wanted to wear this tonight.

Husb:    Wear it then.

Wife:    No, it makes my bum look big.

Husb:    Your bum is your bum.

Wife:    What do you mean?

Husb:    Everyone's seen how big your bum is, nobody cares.

Wife:    I care.

Husb:    Well I don't.

Wife:    You should.

Husb:    I don't...I just want to go out...come on.

Wife:    So I should just keep this on then?

Husb:    Yeah, it looks fine.

Wife:    Does my bum reallly look big in it though?

Husb:    No...looking at it again...it looks ok...you look ok.

Wife:    So, it doesn't look big in this?

Husb:    No...let's go.

Wife:    Thanks babe...I can always rely on you for the truth.

Husb:    Sigh.

© Tanza 2011


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