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by Nydas


A New Start


‘Funny how life turns out!’ thought Anya as she packed her shopping at the supermarket. Only two months ago she’d given it one more month to find a job or back to Poland she would go. Now here she was, a new start in Southampton having landed a job in an accountancy firm who were willing to take her on with her qualifications, which it had been something of a challenge to get recognised in the UK.

 Walking back to her new flat she wondered if she’d made the right decision. Home still seemed tempting right now. She was new in a huge city with no friends or family and a new job to go to where she might not fit in. She shook off the uncharacteristic negativity as she climbed the stairs to the first floor. What her mother would say if she could see her now?

 ‘No!’ she chided herself aloud, ‘All will be well.’ She turned immediately scarlet as she realised her exclamation had been overheard by a very attractive young man at the other end of the corridor. With hands busily fumbling for keys, she walked towards her door. The young man smiled at her as he walked past and disappeared down the stairs. Anya checked her appearance as she entered the flat, hoping she didn’t look too much of a mess. ‘Not too bad for a Sunday afternoon!’ she grinned at herself seeing that the jeans and plain blue top she wore flattered her trim figure perfectly and somehow made her legs look longer than usual. At 30 she was wearing well. Her blonde hair was a bit tousled but maybe that could be seen as a positive thing?

 Anya felt her spirits curiously uplifted by the young man’s smile and hummed to herself as she put the shopping away. She had only been in the flat for two weeks but already it looked like home. Not afraid of hard work Anya had cleaned, decorated and furnished with gusto. Everything was second hand but gleamed so you would never have known it. She had a flair for boho chic that would leave any interior designer seething with envy.  That night she went to bed with an optimistic air she had been missing for a while.

 As she strolled home after work the next day, Anya contemplated the events of her first foray into an English accountancy firm. She felt it had gone pretty well, the partners of the firm seemed to approve of her and Mr Smith, her new boss, said he had never seen anyone work so fast and maintain accuracy! She had a lunch date the next day with Sarah, another junior accountant, who said she would take her to the ‘best coffee shop around!’ Sarah was particularly keen to show her the muscles on one of the waiters working there. So it was, that with her optimism gauge brimful, she greeted the same young man she had seen the day before on the stairs. He returned her greeting with that warm smile, holding eye contact long enough for her to sense the inviting depths behind them. Something told her instinctively that she could trust him.

 Over the next few days they met in the corridor at the same time every evening. She began to hear her mother’s voice inside her head, ‘What does he do? You know nothing about this man, get to know him a little better, he may be an axe murderer! What does he want from you? Smiling like that, it can only be one thing!’ Anya grinned at these words which would have been well meant and exactly what she would have said! She hadn’t seen her mother for six months or more, she made a mental note to phone her later.

 Each time she bumped into the handsome young man they chatted a little more, the weather at first, by Wednesday she had plucked up enough courage to ask his name.

‘Mortimer’ the sheepish look on his face told her he didn’t like the name much.

 He didn’t live in the flats he said, he was, ‘In removals, I help people move, it’s quite satisfying, lots of freedom, I go where the work is.’ Anya recalled a young family had been moving in a couple of doors away recently. Funny that he would still be in and out of the flats,

‘How long does it take someone to move in here?’ Anya wondered, hoping that she was part of the reason he kept appearing.

 By Thursday she was extremely brave, having become increasingly attached to his friendly face and easy nature, she asked him in for coffee.

‘Love to,’ he replied,’ but can’t, have to work tonight, perhaps another time?’

 ‘Better than a complete rebuff,’ she thought as she sat down in front of the TV to watch the news while she ate her dinner.

 ‘Multiple vehicle pile up on the M27’ announced the local newsreader, ‘At least four killed.’  This news had Anya reconsidering her decision to get her UK driving licence. The roads in Southampton were permanently full of cars most of which seemed to be driven by maniacs!

 After work on Friday, Anya was not surprised to find she was looking forward to seeing Mortimer. Although there was no reason that she knew of that he would be there, that family must have finished moving in by now, she was sure she would see him that evening. Her first week at work had gone really well, her colleagues were fun, she had a lovely new home and the possibility of a new man. Her optimism gauge had gone off the spectrum as she waited for the lights at the crossing opposite the flats.

 She wasn’t sure exactly when she realised that the approaching lorry wasn’t going to stop, she just knew that if she didn’t run fast she wouldn’t get across in time. With supreme effort she bounded for the kerb using energy she didn’t realise she had.

 The air made a hissing noise as it escaped from her lungs with the force of the impact. Someone was screaming.

 Dazed, she sat on the pavement.


She looked up and saw Mortimer’s beautiful face gazing down at her. He held out his hand.

 ‘I am so glad to see you!’ she gushed as she got up, ‘did you see what happened?’

 ‘I did.’ He said.

 ‘Poor girl,’ said a voice behind her,’ she didn’t stand a chance!’

 Anya turned to see. It took a while to comprehend what she was seeing. A girl with her chest crushed by the impact of the crash. Anya felt dizzy. It couldn’t be her, she was standing here with no injuries, she could feel Mortimer’s hand in hers!

 She turned towards him ‘That’s me?’

 ‘Yes,’ he said gently, ‘It’s time to move on.’

 Anya nodded, looking once again at the crumpled body on the floor. ‘Removals’ she said, understanding now his presence over this last week.

 Looking again into his angelic face she turned away from the grisly scene and walked with Mortimer into the light.


Nydas 2007


© Nydas 2011


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