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by Arthur Dudgeon

I invite ye all...

It concerns the City of Theatrica, where every day is a terrible carnival of murder, manipulation and mayhem. The citizens are mad, deranged, ugly and absolutely great company. There's one Theatrican in particular I'd like you to meet: Arthur. He starts off in a bad way, but he determines to turn things around, WHATEVER it takes. And in a world where people can become immortal through hard graft, there's a great deal to aim for.

But that's ONLY the beginning, for this is the start of the greatest saga ever told. Somewhere in the ancient walls of Theatrica, a baby will be born, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Available to read for free at my website (where the complete novel is being serialized)

It may not seem fantasty to start, but (without spoiling too much) things are not as they appear. I'd love for my novel to become a showcase in this community. I hope to see you there.

© Arthur Dudgeon 2011


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