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by Tanza



The Day I Slipped out of a Coma (and wished I hadn’t)


Twenty years I’d been asleep and nothing was the same.

I popped my head outside the door and straight back in I came.

So many people old and young were wandering about.

There must be something going on to make them all come out.


I ventured out with courage now, no longer feeling scared.

To talk to someone…anyone…to find out if I dared.

Of course I did…I dared with hope that all would be revealed.

I walked right up to one young man whose face was quite concealed.


I said, ‘Why do you walk this way…and why the great big hood?’

He said, ‘Piss off you silly twat!’  As if he thought I should.

I said, ‘What is your problem son…don’t speak to me like that’.

He said, ‘Jog on you piece of crap!’  He didn’t want to chat.


I stopped to watch the wandering mass and couldn’t quite work out

Why everyone had calculators…what was that about?

What was the need to work out sums while walking down the street?

I thought I heard two boys arrange to meet…oh no...to tweet.


I walked a little further to the high street and the shops.

I thought, there’s no point worrying, so this is where it stops.

To Maccy Ds I went and, with my burger, I sat down.

I sat beside two children who had children of their own.


I knew it would be hard to come to terms with all the change.

But, do I really have to live a life that feels so strange?

I can’t imagine never meeting up with friends to chat.

Don’t want to sit at screens and keyboards getting slowly fat.


I grumbled as I walked back home and tried hard not to cuss.

But, then I spied a bunch of people waiting for a bus.

They seemed so happy…talking back and forth and laughing loud.

I couldn’t wait to find out why they smiled…this friendly crowd.


I got a little nearer and it soon became so clear.

These people held a different view of what should be held dear.

They spoke of days gone by and how hard times had made them strong.

They talked about the jobs they’d done with hours far too long.


The memories and tales of uncles, aunties and of friends.

Just made me realize then and there that all these silly trends.

The calculators, posh PCs…the laptops all on line.

Had slowly stolen all the lives that suited us just fine.


No longer can we cope with life without a text or tweet.

No need to write a letter or arrange a time to meet.

And all the while these calculators double up as phones.

We’ll all just carry on becoming boring, mindless drones.

© Tanza 2011


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