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by Grimnian

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Dear reader if you care about decent, honest, fair business you should read on. If not do click away.   


 I was raised by my father to be honest and fair in all things especially business.  Although my background has always been one of care. I work for a charity looking after people with downs and learning difficulties. However, I had an idea to create a platform that would empower creative people of all kinds. 


So, I enlisted Richard Davies of RedComms3D to put that plan into action...


A very big financial mistake for us, but not for his company. 



In hindsight, no customer in their right mind would pay a web designer 1000 pounds a day, especially for the  product and customer service we eventually received.

At the end of the process any other customer would have demanded a full refund for the product in question, especially if it was not fit for purpose, as it was in our case. 

Naively in 2014 we believed in RedComms3D.    

The horrible experience RedComms3D gave us has been mental torture, resulting in a lengthy time away from my charity work and much pain and upset for my mother.      

23000 given in return for broken dreams and heartache.  

Richard Davies we once again accuse you and your company RedComms3D of being amoral, greedy and dishonest. 

23000 pounds was taken from my elderly mother in return for a half built website that you never had the expertise to complete.

Although you forced and bullied us to pay you in full for the product, it was only half built, the work was shoddy and it was not fit for purpose. However your comments were that we could not afford the type of website we were asking you for (Despite the fact you had already been paid 20000).  Why did you not tell us that before you took on the job? 

When my mother and I realised you could not deliver a decent working product we asked you to leave the process. You then demanded we pay you a further 3000 pounds for our codes to continue the development elsewhere, this action was based on greed and close to blackmail.   

We did not wish to pay, so you threatened us with debt collectors. 


As a result of our justified complaints you have blocked us, threatened us, deleted your twitter account, removed your RedComms3D business website and dissolved your companies.





Although it is confusing as Richard Davies seems to have several dissolved companies with virtually the same names. 

And if a customer complains about the way the company does business?  Simple, if threats do not silence the customer just change your company name and avoid any online bad press. With a clean slate you can soon be charging a 1000 pounds a day again!


  Whatever the case, the description of your company is in our case pure fantasy, deceitful and offensive.

You will not escape the online truth of how your company operated in reality. We have spent a lot more money trying to fix the fatal flaws in your work.

Despite the fact you were paid 1000 pounds a day you even failed to secure our chosen domain names for the website in question.  Even though we paid your invoice for two years use, you regardless decided to claim them as your own, briefly shutting us down whilst we searched for a new one. 


That was the domain name we paid Richard Davies 23000 to secure for us.  Incompetence, spite, or malicious business meant we never had the website name of our choice.      

The behaviour of RedComms3D is in stark contrast to the statement on their deleted website.

Richard Davies you are a charlatan, a fraud.

We also accuse you of lying, you are not and never have been the Non Executive Chairman of Force One SaRL! You were briefly considered, but it never happened.  




This is a complete untruth, you are not mentioned on their website, your picture is not displayed and they clearly deny you are involved with them. I repeat you have never been their Non Executive Chairman. Who can trust you when you lie so blatantly? 

You even denied the involvment in your company of this individual below who also blocks and hides as you do. This individual is not unconnected to your company as you stated in your vile, bullying and threatening email dated 22nd June 2017 when you tried to silence us with false threats, including police action against my mother and I.

How dare you when we are the wronged party!!!! 

Any decent and honourable company would have either provided a refund for the job they could not complete, or only taken pay for the work they had done, not demanded full fee especially when you the designer did not have the expertise required for the job in hand. You should have told us that it was beyond your skill set before taking on the task! But you saw the pound signs and went ahead regardless.  

Instead when we threatened to sue you in return, you  dissolved your companies, hardly the actions of a man who believed RedComms3D was in the right.    

I am so sorry that  my mother and I were so misguided and made the huge financial mistake of trusting you.  

Your so called unconnected individual is posted below, she is clearly connected to you although you denied that....

We will not stop until others know exactly the type of businessman you are. I hope one day to see you in court as there can be no justification for how you have behaved.  It has been nearly five years since Richard Davies and RedComms3D were paid in full to leave the project and we are still trying to fix what was fundamentally a vey flawed and broken system.

The grim truth is that website in question is still not fit for the purpose RedComms3D created it for!!!   

No amount of blocking, hiding, intimidation, bullying, legal threats, police threats will ever hide that fact.

Targeting my elderly mother, who is in her eighties was also a particularly low blow, especially when she financed your disgraceful, sickening business venture using money left by my late father. 

Further information regarding this situation can be located at @redslowwe on twitter. Happy to answer any questions and share emails with others regarding this subject. You can contact me through this website.

Thank you.   

Richard Davies currently works for the Arvum Group. Terri Lucas currently works for UK Mercer.






© Grimnian 2011



Richard Davies and Terri Lucas are disgusting. How they ripped off Mrs Carter. I paid in to the system in 2014 and it didn't work, even though he'd already walked away from the project saying the job was done. Useless company. Appalling.
Finally we've fought back against that bully and rogue. The website was and still is not fit for purpose. You simply gave Richard Davies and Terri Lucas 23000 pounds for heartache and pain. Shameful, greedy, exploitative business people.
This is truly appalling. Strangely enough I was googling the Red Consultancy and found this article. I shall not be using their services.
I have read this article and as a result I have severed my connection with Richard Davies on his Linkedin account. I believe that you would have the weight of the law behind you if you decided to take this case to court. In regards to this distressing situation, I wish you and your mother peace of mind. Take care.

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