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by Grimnian






The creator of The Land of Grimney has put together a promotions team for his latest venture, MineEye and VoiceBox. The new site is almost ready to launch and the date will be announced as soon as the team have enough twitter followers to make it viable for the performers.

Interest for the venture is building rapidly due to the tireless efforts of the team and VoiceBox’s creator is very happy to have gained the support of weather presenter Sian Lloyd who is helping to spread the word because she ‘Thinks it is a very good idea’. Comedian Jenny Éclair has also tweeted about it and also Ann O’Connor ITV news correspondent and Barry Egan of the Independent newspaper. Several fine folk from Granada television have also given their support by following us! 

VoiceBoxPromotions are being followed with interest by many celebrities including Mike Stock, Boy George, Judy Kang (A friend and associate of Lady Gaga and a talented musician in her own right) Nils Lofgren (member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street band). The team are currently trying to get more celebrities involved in order to secure as large an audience as possible for their performers who will be showcased via webcam.

The website is the author’s dream. Disillusioned by the lack of opportunities available to creative people, the aim is to create a platform for them to showcase their talents away from mainstream media where only a handful of people get seen or heard. The team who consist of writers and ‘artistic types’ are working on a voluntary basis because they believe that there are so many creative people ‘out there’ who deserve a chance.

The aim is to showcase a wide variation of people from bloggers, musicians – of any genre – to poets, filmmakers, magicians, comedians, even writers who may want to talk about their books. Simpy put we are currently in the process of building an online television station with numerous live channels on which you can be seen. There is no limit to the performers, age is unimportant, in fact all that matters is that they are able to entertain a large audience – and that they have access to a webcam.

The promotions team are working through several whacky characters and endeavour to make the whole experience fun and enjoyable for all who take part.


Meet the VoiceBoxPromotions team:



He is our resident wizard. Grimnien enjoys sunbathing so he can top up his tan, and his main expenditure is on moisturiser to keep his skin in fine condition and sequined dresses, he likes to show off his legs. He is unpredictabe and spontaneous, and if you annoy him he may take you to court where you will judged by the Grand Grimney Wizards, after which you will be reduced to a fine powder and then smoked in large curved pipe for your sins. Grimnien is currently saving up for a hair transplant. He can be a bit of a buffoon at times, and his fashion taste is obviously somewhat effeminate, but he always tries to be polite and considerate. Grimnien is driven by the desire to help creative folk of all kinds. He also loves cooking and often invites people to dine with him, but always seems to have live frogs on the menu. One wonders if these were once people and therefore it may be a form of cannibalism to dine with this slightly mad great wizard!




Gongle Shanks

After being changed from a woman into a man by Grimnien, he now likes to spend all day standing on his head, preferring to view the world from a different viewpoint. He is a terrible womaniser and falls for every girl he meets. He also owns a private jet, but travelling with him is unnerving because he tends to fly the plane upside down. 




Kara Jarina 

Kara is the sensible one in the team and she likes an early night with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book. She is also very beautiful but has little time for fools – so why she is with this team is a mystery! If you want to get some sense she is the girl to contact!



Morton Balthus

Morton was once a young and handsome wizard, until the day he accidently turned himself into a clam. He is very hard working and committed, but he does often disappear for days. He has a love of vases and enjoys shaping them with his tentacles, he also has several wives who he tries to avoid. He is often found hanging upside down in the office privy because it helps him think more clearly or lying on the bottom of seabeds gurgling and making glug glug noises because it amuses him.   



Wendel Sparsett

Wendel is the Mayor of Dingle town. This position holds a lot of responsibility which is why, on his own admission, he never goes out of his house. He spends most of his time going round in circles and looking for things that he has misplaced. He is somewhat eccentric, and believes that if he walks backwards quickly enough it will make him younger, this has often resulted in calamity especially when serving tea and scones to unwary house guests.  



Garlan Glave

A man made of gold plate who has a honeycomb brain where bees nest. Their buzzing annoys him, but their honey keeps his cogs moving.  Garlan is polite, but grumpy. He was once a greedy knight who was turned into the creature he is today by a malicious spell. Garlan is a loner, but misses the company of his true love who stands each night watching the castle walls, longing to be reunited with him....




 Written by - Gongle Shanks (VoiceBoxPromotions)                                               






© Grimnian 2011


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