The Wise Man

The wise man sat upon the hill

Deep in thought he sat so still

He was old and grey and robed in white

And I walked for miles to see this sight

Men and women gathered round

And listened for the slightest sound

The little man stared straight ahead

What thoughts were flooding through his head?

He closed his eyes and began to mutter

My heart it jumped and began to flutter

Could he tell us life’s true meaning?

Or was he just asleep and dreaming?

‘I’ He said in a quiet voice

I sit here because I have a choice’…

The crowds of people wanted more

Words of wisdom not heard before

The little man began to grin

And raised his hand to scratch his chin

‘In this world we seek a reason

For each day and every season

We want to know why we are here

To find the meaning of each year’

The little man shrugged each tiny shoulder

‘Perhaps I’m wise because I’m older?

Or because I sit alone in thought

You think I know more than I ought?

What makes me wise is very little

I’m very old and my bones are brittle

I sit alone because I can

Apart from that I’m just a man’

But he was more than that the people thought

And they gave him gifts that they had brought

For only a wise man lives alone

The wisest mind needs not flesh nor bone

The final words he spoke that day

As his followers strolled away


’Some will follow some will lead

We all need guidance to succeed’…

‘But looking for the truth of living

Is not in gifts but in the love we’re giving’

The Wise Man