Cora Pearl's Woodland Encounter


If you enter Grimney wood

Care should be taken

Lest you should 

Find something dreadful to behold  

That would make your blood run icy cold

Tread softly in this spooky place

Or you could find you’re face to face

With something you’d prefer to see

From behind the comfort of a tree

In a clearing picturesque 

Squats a creature quite grotesque

The creature turns and spies you there

Transfixing you with malevolent stare

Then it opens up its mouth to say

‘My God you’re ugly go away’ 


Something wicked full of spite 

Stalks through Grimney woods at night

Looking for some souls to tease 

By throwing powder that makes you sneeze

He is a pest when he bites your knee

As you can never shake him free 

He only stands at three foot four

I could be wrong he maybe more

But compared to me he is quite small

As I am over four foot tall

Then he grins and roars with laughter

What is this little fellow after?  

Ugly Buggly

Something Wicked