The Vorte

Who are the Vorte I hear you ask?

They are creatures that fail in any task

Ask them to speak they will not reply

Ask them to listen

They would rather die 

The vorte are useless and totally lazy

Their memories are poor, deliberately hazy

They sit on their backsides all night and all day

They talk total rubbish whatever they say

The Vorte have ideas and have their own dreams

But nothing gets done at least that’s how it seems

They gather in conference and chat all night long

But whatever they plan it always go wrong

Discussions the answer but never to act

The Vorte have agreement that’s written in pact

‘We never do anything, 

We just have suggestion

To move far too fast 

Will cause indigestion’

But the Vorte seemed asleep,

And a pointless creation

Just having ideas 

That cause deep frustration 

The world of the Vorte would eventually end

As they charged round in circles 

And went round the bend

Unable to reason or learn from the past

They talked far too much

But they’d soon speak their last

Their greatest mistake was their own greed

To strip away resources

And to fulfil every need

When nothing was left the Vorte simply died

And their homes became tombs 

Where they rotted inside…

The Vorte