The Three Warriors

(Calaman Kade, Cass Crellwin, Tobias Tave)

Galloping along in a thunderous roar

Horseshoe hooves on rough desert floor

Rode the two horsemen and Calaman Kade

Riding forth for some fresh cooling shade

Calaman was a man without fear

Old and wise through a long career

Through many a battle his colleagues he’d led

With a crown of pure gold upon his great head

His armour was also plated with gold

And in his gauntlet a sword he did hold

Which he waved in circles above his great head

As onwards he rode and his warriors he led

The souls that followed Kade’s fine steed

Were not all from Grimney’s human creed

One was Cass Crellwin Elvin of birth

In a hundred fights she had shown her true worth

A beautiful maiden in soft silky dress

Naked beneath in anything less

Her eyes deep blue and her skin pearly white

Her blonde flowing locks shone in the light

Cascading down to her bare shoulders below

And as she rode the wind made it flow

Blown by the wind that gusted the air

Onwards she raced a heart without care

Behind her came Tave a contrasting sight

A warrior in leather out for a fight

With dark hair cut short on an unshaven face

And in one gloved hand a large metal mace

Astride a black stallion that pounded the dust

His sword in its scabbard coated with rust

A shield on his saddle hung at his side

Onwards they charged for glory they ride!

Calaman Kade