Eliza Jade

Beneath a burning Grimnian Sun

Is a warrior known to everyone 

Crossing the Wasteland through storms of sand

A legendary fighter with broadsword in hand

Stronger than diamond this sparkling jewel

Is loyal to the Queen lives under her rule

Awarded a Knighthood her own Coat of Arms

A strong hearted beauty with the deadliest charms

Never a victim she stands by the Law

Fights for the state in campaigns of war

Much loved by the people, Jade is honest, sincere

Only hated by bad folk who view her with fear

Sworn to destroy the Lord of the Mire

Jade knows Grimwood Scribes to be a treacherous liar

Outlawed from Golt, she has a price on her head

Grimwood Scribes placed the bounty 

Wanted Jade dead

Living without fear 

By a sword blade so swift

Jade fights like an angel

Her skills are God’s gift.