The Masokins

In a forest green and plush

Near to a river strange creatures rush

Tall and skinny with pointed heads 

They dance amongst the flowerbeds

Long spidery legs, arms thin and narrow

Spines so erect, straight like an arrow 

Narrow of body, naked they run

No smiles on their faces they are not having fun

Expressions of agony twist their sad faces

Wracked with deep pain and fixed with grimaces

Eyes filled with tears that pour down each cheek

Why do they dance here? What do they seek? 

These creatures it seems 

Will go to extremes 

Because they cannot stand still 

They do not have the will

Why you may ask do they indulge in this task?

The answer I found 

Grew near to the ground

For barefooted they prance 

But it is not in a dance

Sharp brambles and thorns stick in their toes

But why choose to dance here?

God only knows? 

The Masokins gain pleasure in causing great pain

So dancing in thorns these creatures remain…

A masoku