Vance Scarab

At Voramal’s restaurant behind a large bolted door

Lives a man who detests Grimney’s violence and war

Although he has fought many a soldiers campaign

Stood on the battlefields amongst the wounded and slain

Collected his purse in sovereigns of gold

The truth must be known now must be told

Vance Scarab’s a man who lives by the sword

The highest bidder will pay his reward

But this outlaw’s a poet an artist at heart

Not just an animal that would tear you apart

Those delicate fingers that hold tight on a brush

Have gripped around men’s throats and squeezed to a crush

Each hand is stained by the blood of a foe

Vance murdered his brother with a bolt from a bow

He knows the old saying ‘As ye sow so shall ye reap’…

Ruthless and cunning but compassion runs deep

Expecting to die by a blow from a knife

Each assassin that hunts him desires his life

Stalkers that follow seek the price on his head

There is a rich bounty as long as he’s dead

Missing an eye one side out of sight

Hand on his sword hilt ready to fight 

Nowhere is safe for this soldier so brave

He will not find peace until he sleeps in his grave