The City of Gollema

‘One gold Tobran is the toll!’

Growls the ugly Grimney troll

For he stands alone at the city gate

A beastly creature filled with hate

With gloved hand outstretched to receive the gold

So give it now as you were told

For this creature in chainmail suit

Will not let you pass without the loot

Once you have paid you can venture in

Onto the streets of this city of sin

Once inside behind grey stone wall

You come across the first shopping stall

In a line with many more

With treasures strewn on cobbled floor

‘Buy my goods!’ The salesmen shout

 As the shoppers look all round about

 Buying gifts they do not need

From unusual clothes to magic seed

Then down the cobbled streets they pace

Passing many an unfamiliar face

Goblins, humans, Grimney elf

All parting with their hard earned wealth

 For a  thousand shops line each winding street

Each selling some fancy Grimney treat

From shields to weapons of the strongest steel

And then perhaps to Voramals for a hearty meal

The finest restaurant in the land 

And to eat here you must be very grand

For the food that is sold is very rare

So for your money you must have little care

The sort of souls this place attracts 

Have the Queen’s insignia upon their backs

Some even have the Golden Crest 

Emblazoned upon an armoured chest

The finest Lords of the Queen’s Elite

Sit within on golden seat

The most legendary knights to march to war

The loyal instigators of the Queen’s strict law