Not much room

Do not eat the mushrooms in Grimney wood

This must be clear and understood

Because when I took a tasty bite

I had a rather dreadful fright

My hair fell out my teeth turned blue

And my bottom it just grew and grew

I tried to squat upon the ground

Upon my huge unearthly mound

My trousers split my buttons burst

My mouth dried up to a terrible thirst

I belched I blew from down below

I shook from head and down to toe

With legs like jelly my belly shook

I had a ghastly bluish look

My skin had turned from pink to blue

What was my stomach going through?

I began to wobble and roll about

I raised my voice and began to shout

No one heard this awful din

God I was happy being thin

I sat alone beneath a tree

My flesh was all that I could see

Thick and rubbery blue in colour

Wretched mushrooms I’ll never eat another!

Not Much Room