The Grodling

I fell asleep by a bubbling stream 

And heard a voice whisper in my dream

Soft and gentle, a quiet tone

And I knew that I was not alone

I opened my eyes and blinked at the sun

But I saw no sign of anyone

I called for the Bugwug who was sat up a tree

Pointing his wing at what he could see

A strange looking creature with a head big and square

With a long pointed chin that sprouted white hair

He had four giant ears that flapped on the breeze

And gigantic blue feet beneath knobbly knees

He was short, 

He was plump, 

He had a protruding rear rump

And his nose, as it grows, 

Was squashed up in a stump.

The creature before me giggled and smiled

I have to admit I was quite beguiled 

I asked ‘How are you?’ and winked a blue eye

But he puffed up his cheeks and gave a huge sigh

His large orange eyes rolled around in his head

He was completely ignoring the words I had said

Odd though he was I thought him quite charming

But then his behaviour it became quite alarming

Jumping about he waved his hands in the air

Brushing long fingers through spiky white hair

 He danced and he wobbled with his tongue sticking out

He screeched and he gurgled and started to shout

His big bulbous eyes almost popped from his head

Until he fell in the grass as if he were dead

I thought ‘This is odd’ but I could not ignore

The dreadful noise as he gurgled and started to snore

With blue lips all a wobble I left him that day

And crept on my toes and left right away

The Grodling