Final Act


So quiet were those ghostly plains

Where the remains 

Of mankind lay scattered

Battered by the final war that had turned their flesh to bone

And reduced the lands to dust.

The violent spawn of hate 

Had swept them to their fate

That of a dying nation lying slaughtered in their graves

A nation now unknown

Lost forever in this barren zone…

The air had chilled

And filled with a poisonous fog

An unnatural smog that made it difficult

To breathe or see

But in the sky above

A dove floated free upon her poisoned wings

Each feather coated with a toxic poison dust

That gusted on the wind 

Fading all to nothing…

As the bird she flew upon that breeze

The poison grew and seized her spirit

And she tumbled like a stone

Into a sea of twisted bone,

And lay so silently to die…

Moonlit shadows swept out in eerie cover

Across the polluted landscape

Where no other living creature could escape

The gas choked stagnant air 

Mother Nature who had warned us to beware

Wept a single tear,

And began to wonder why the world had come to this…

Gently she kissed the dead goodnight

And the light went out forever…

The last drop of blood is shed

Our grave is sealed 

The Earth is dead…