Through smoke, my eyes, red fire

Burned brightly in the dark

I could see without the shadows

See through the stark ink black night

Where light was not forthcoming 

My eyes were humming

And my arms powered by an unnatural source

Clicked and whirled 

As a transparent fluid swirled and coursed

Through each robotic vein

To gain my sight in both hypnotic eye

The optics infra red

Shone, blazed into the night,

Watching, searching, seeking any pinpoint of light

I lurched onwards 

Hunting for the remains of humanity

Who’s blind insanity had created me

In my mind a hated being seeing only hate

Too late to scoff this technical wonder

Too late to switch me off.

A child wild with fear hid in the next room

No walls could protect it

The gloom could not disguise the form

A warm body glowed

Flowed with life

But fear and heavy breath

Would stagnate into a swifter death

My electronic knife spun upon my wrist

My gun upon the other one

With a twist

Spun another cartridge into the barrel

I moved forward on hydraulic metal feet

Always forward 

Because the humans were always in retreat

The blade cut as if through butter

The door lock shattered

And with a clutter

Tumbled to the floor

The war would claim another

Humanities bastard son did not have a brother

I took aim

The rattle of the gun sparked and flamed

Shamed the little child

Hurled its body against the wall

The last of its kind to fall, 

To die?

Blood red, its corpse lay silent amongst the dead

As much alive as I…