The Ginn

She was not cheap that pretty girl

Her dark hair hanging in a twisted curl

Eyes as black as winter shades

No summer in this heart that fades

From decent dreams of love not lies 

To fickle thoughts that binds and ties 

A heart within a web of pain

And at that root a secret shame

Forgotten not the time that past

Shared love is lost and did not last

For depths in shallows cannot be 

And guilt inside we cannot see

To hideaway within the mind

Is a place where poisons we will find


A curse is given and blessed in hell

Where passions grow and lies we tell

Twisted by the devil’s tongue 

We sing of love but the song is sung

Words that hang on painted lips

Fall in falsehoods and in quips

That only fools would blind believe

When a heart is worn upon a sleeve

A siren’s song echoed in the night  

A beaming smile, a burning light

But no heart did beat beneath the breast

And only poisoned love infest

The soul of one who lived and died

For that honest love that grew inside.