A glimpse through the gateway of time

I saw that crime had been erased

Phased out by the machines

Whose task had been to keep our world in check

The effect of human souls 

Whose goals had been to create a mechanical being

That could control the world

Had hurled mankind 

Into a robot confined nightmare

Where the Earth had given birth

To a race of soulless creatures

A scientific new dawn had made our kind extinct

For the umbilical chain that linked us

To our chaotic computer children had been broken

And when the twisted creatures 

Had been woken from their unnatural slumber

They plundered all our world…

The ill fated slip had begun some four hundred years before

When the computer chip began the final war

As the kiss of death had come 

From disorganised lips of steel

And now this place is dead,

Bled dry by a programmed need to master

Even their master who had made the seed

From which the machines had grown

And now in this world their creator

Like our God

Flashed upon a million computer screens

That he was now unknown…