The Four Winds

Beyond our Earth in cabalistic space

A vacuous void a cold dead place

A colossal craft ploughed wearily on

In which thoughts of home had dwindled gone

For inside the ship in a somnolent state

Were a crew who did not know their fate

For what lurked beyond was an injurious beast

As where it had lived all other life had ceased

So now it waited deep inhume

As its malevolent eyes watched the spaceship loom

Entombed within a prison ship

An infinite journey a fruitless trip

For the alien’s cruelty to its own kind

Inside this floating cage confined

The hideous misfit waited within

As it had cruelly immolated its own kin

The alien made an abattoir of its own world

Destruction and death from its claws unfurled

Whilst outside the ship the four winds blew

While deep inside the brutes hunger grew

The Earth ship Explorer made a direction change

Bringing the prison ship into her range

She trundled forward to intercept

And to unleash the secret it had kept…