The Shadow Weaver

Vengeance stemmed from the fury

Of a violent acts struck for glory

Campaigns for God, 

Through lands of blood,

Gains were great, but the gory flood

Told the Shadow Weaver of another story…

Men cut down in their prime,

Severed veins, the broken sword, a violent time,

Human remains blessed by the Lord,

Such discord, in a world ruled by the steel of the sword…

Whispers from the Shadow Weaver mocked man’s fate

‘Share the hatred at the gate’

It seemed to say

‘The destructive act will seize the day’

As if mankind had made a devil’s pact

Written not in ink, but by blood filled pen

Signed with the cross by foolish men

Who bitten by a demon’s bite

Would only kill, and stave, and fight

Silently the twisted one, 

Would drop the sword and raise the gun

The Shadow Weaver with monstrous glee

Would be heard to speak

‘Oh what hatred mankind does wreak,

Break their bones and tear down the church

Cast out God,

Bring back the birch’…

Now with the atom being split

By the button the Weaver sits,

Waiting to free our world

Wishing for oblivion to be unfurled…

Prejudice, hatred, we all must share, 

To welcome thee of little care

Into the Shadow Weaver’s lair…