Mistress Of The Sea

Mistress of the deep blue sea

You take my hand and on you guide me

Through the swirling waves

Where Davy Jones has laid our graves

A lover of the foaming ocean

The cascading waves break with emotion

On the shores that lead to land

Across the pebbles amongst the sand

Crabs and shrimps they scuttle there

Hearts and minds so free from care 

Amongst the rocks in crystal pools 

Where breaking waves form waterfalls

I sat alone upon the beach

Watched sea gull flying out of reach

Soaring silent through the sky

They will claim my soul the day I die

With an old ivory pipe between my teeth

I have sailed the straights and the Great Barrier Reef

I have seen the corals beneath the waves

And here with my mistress I will make my grave

Over the distant thunder of the roaring tide

I have called to my mistress so deep inside 

Where she danced beneath in glittering surf

That soft singing mermaid of watery birth

In my dreams I see a beach 

Upon an island out of reach

Where human kind has never been

Tranquil, sand swept so serene

I hope one day to sail my boat

To this island so remote

And live in peace on golden shore

Today tomorrow and forever more