The Prisoner

The walls rise from the soil

Tower high above us all

Enclosed entombed in the dark and the gloom

Seal us all inside the invisible cage

Reach out hands clasped in a fist

Twist with flailing arms 

Smash them down with gasping rage

In the dawn of the golden sunrise

Do not demise

Rise and tower

Hold out never cower

Stand not within the shadow

Severe the snare

Show your power!

Never be trodden in the dust

Climb upon the winds warm gust

Free like a bird, swoop above the world

Look across the sea

Listen to the swirling ocean

Keep your wings beating and in motion

Kiss the mistress of the sea

Break with the surf on the golden shore

Sparkle in the sunlight 

And soar above into the sun

Your freedom has only just begun

Share it all with everyone

‘But the cage it does entwine me

Like barbed wire ivy

Sweeping up my body

It will never set me free’…