My Journey Into Hell

I knew as soon as I had died

That they would welcome me inside

Into a world of pain filled toil

Shrouded in darkness beneath the soil

Inside a coffin of padded oak

My soul did stir and I awoke

I did not breathe for I was dead

My wax like form my life had shed

Through the lid I tried to rise

But I could not for my demise

Had called for me to stay within

As the price to pay for all my sin

It was then and there I knew my fate

But now I knew it was too late

As I tumbled downwards into Hell

Gone forever my protective shell

Distant voices called for me

Broke from the flesh into fantasy

Swirled from the body that clasped so tight

To join the voices of the night

Cerberus growls at the Tempter’s gate 

As into Hell to infernal fate

An unclean spirit is dragged by his hair

Into the abyss the stygian lair

Beyond the beyond my silent scream

Stayed within this nightmare dream

For I a victim of a violent time

Remained cursed forever for my crime

Fire spirits and demon hoards

Demonical masters the overlords 

Sway within the brimstone flame

Cast into Gehenna to eternal shame 

Above shone the light of eternal bliss

‘Oh give me my Lord’s face to kiss’

But in this God forsaken place

I had fallen swift from grace

For in the shadows the demon’s dance

As tortured souls in a trance

Walked and wandered with clouded gaze

Through the cabalistic corridors of this maze

Their faces white so thin and drawn

Forever night, no light, no dawn

Holding lanterns to guide their path

As the demon’s mock and curse, and laugh…

A flash of fire of yellow and red

Swept out amongst the living dead

And from the flame stepped out the Beast

Its satanic eyes searched for a feast

Saliva dripping from slavering jaws

The Beast reached out with long sharp claws

Snatching me it began to crunch

For I was now the Devil’s lunch…