Dance Of The Demons

SLOWLY clouds of flowing white

DRAWN out from the core 

INTO my sight

THE ghostly figures borne out of

NIGHT released their power and 

THEIR might

GHOSTLY demons danced around, climbing from beneath the ground

GRINS upon their death mask faces

REVEALED the beast the flesh replaces, for in deaths

DECAY the sin of Satan will seize the day

IN maggot ridden crumbled bones, in

BRITTLE bodies where the groans of grinding 

TOOTH are heard, where

THE monstrous wailings of the herd of dancing 

DEMONS pranced across the graves, they

DANCED where flame red shadows lay, cast from a burning torch

IN a crumbling old crypt within its porch they chanted the devil’s name

HAND the hatred down in shame, where in the haze the demons gaze

HELD the secret of the midnight hour when time it 

CIRCLES to release the power far 

ACROSS this bleak and brutal land

THE palace of the evil one is erected here

SILENT angels hide behind their wings in fear 

GRAVES of those borne out of sin always sing

AMONGST the shrouded darkness of the cemetery

TOMBSTONE tower beneath skeletal tree, small creatures cower as

VINE creeps slowly up the stone

ENTWINED here within their cage of bone 

PILLARS of rage spiral high

BUT Satan does hold sway here when you die

AWAY you monstrous breed 

YOU wish that God would scream

VILE beast we will cast that callous 

TWISTED form of yours back amongst the hell fire where 

HOARDS of rampaging demons do belong

AWAY you hold no sway here

AWAY your wickedness be gone…