Prelude To The Dance

The wind had fallen silent

The night was still

A full moon did fill the sky

With a ghostly yellow light

Night creatures of the twilight hour

Awoke, hidden by a cloak of darkness

To take their fill in the forest

No human voices spoke here

Not since that horrific day 

One hundred years ago

There had been a terrific storm

Villagers say that it had been born

From the fires below

The trees swayed to and fro

Almost beckoning

With their long black spidery limbs

Drawing up the dregs from the molten well beneath

Calling upon the wicked whims of hell

As the grief of the storm drew to a close

There arose in the darkest depths of the woods

A scream

That could turn a tranquil dream 

Into a nightmare

And there

In the forest cemetery

The dance of the demons began…