I want to look ten years younger

Can the surgeon’s knife do that?

For my figure of youth I do hunger

The days of no wrinkles or fat

‘It will cost you a great deal of money’

 The doctor said with a smile

‘I know, but I have a great fortune

And being fat can never be style

I want you to suck in my waistline, 

Pull back the skin on my face

I want to look ten years younger

For like this I am a disgrace

Please make me pout like a goddess

Seductive to kiss in my youth…

Give me the truth of the scalpel

With your gloves and mask please begin

Erase and smooth out the creases

That so callously damage my skin

I want to see a new look

Whenever I gaze in the mirror

Not this withered old hag

Whose face makes me quiver in terror

Let me be once again in my twenties

Ten years older than that would be fine

Let me stand in front of the mirror

And not see a blemish or line

Please God do not let me grow old

Ageing is a curse not a gift

But with care and a fair bit of money

I can give my whole body a lift!’