Big Mouth


Nobody lives forever so eat what you damn well can

Like jam roly poly and forget about oat bran

Just eat to your hearts content and forget about your weight

After all it does not matter if you look an awful state


Just fill your stomach up with all those tasty things

Forget about tomorrow and what your future brings

After all it is unhealthy but I just will never care

Because I keep my clothes on so everyone won’t stare


Nobody will stop me eating or stuffing chocolate cake

For that is what I want to do when I am wide awake

I like to smoke my cigarettes and down ten pints of beer

After all I am a young man so of death I have no fear

I think I live my life to the fullest it can be


I like caffeine in coffee and four sugars in my tea

I don’t like vegetarians or the salads that they eat

Just give me steak and burgers or any kind of meat

I love tomato ketchup and chips that are fried in fat 

Although I won’t touch drugs as I’ve never fancied that


I like my jam filled doughnuts ice cream and chocolate pud

If only I had two mouths that would be so awfully good

My body is an awful mess why won’t the mirror lie

But I guess I will go on eating until the day I die…