Frivolous Fishy

Oh little fishy in my pond

Of you my fishy I am so fond

My scaly beauty for you I care

I swoon as I watch you swimming there

Oh little fishy marry me

You and I can swim to sea

The ocean depths will be our home

And through coral reefs we will roam

Oh little fishy I am your buoy 

Marry me do not be coy

My love dear fishy is off the scale

Turn me down and I will wail

Let me place a ring on your fish finger

We will leave the pond

We will not linger

Please marry me this very day

Our loves electric 

Like a manta ray

‘Oh fine finned fishy 

Please grant my wishy 

Marry me tomorrow

Turn me downy

And I will drowny

Your rejection will bring sorrow’   

The fishy took many days to think

The fishy even took to drink

But a fish’s memory is so poor

She soon forgot 

What was said before…


‘Oh little fishy you forgot my name

I now must part

Oh Cod… The pain!’…

‘Goodbye dear fishy

I know your plaice

I guess I belong to the human race?!’