Rainbow Butterfly - Spirits Of The Meadows


Spirits of the meadows are dancing through the trees

Romancing fields of buttercups and blowing falling leaves

Reaching for the heavens drawing light down from the sun

Soaring through the shadows now the new dawn has begun

Flowing in the fountains they sweep down tumbling streams 

Rolling through the mountain valleys planting natures seeds

White beads upon a snowdrop enchanting in the rain 

Soak the silken spiders webs where the spinners have domain

Naked in a forest beneath a giant oak

Covered in a cloak of flowers the milk white maiden woke

Butterflies descended like blossoms on the wind 

Tumbling down to rest upon her delicate crystal skin

Whereupon her naked figure like dew fall from the sky

There rested many sun beamed colours of the Rainbow Butterfly

All silky in their splendour all colours they did glow

And rendered her into a sleep that lovers only know

As she lay so still her ruby lips did slowly part 

And her pale white tender skin did breathe through burning heart 

Yearning for the kiss of a lover she once knew

Praying for his loving touch in hope that dreams come true

Streams of perspiration upon her body swept

And beads like broken diamonds upon her forehead wept

And tumbled slowly down in a waterfall of tears 

As she remembered torrid memories of passion through the years.

The spirits of the meadows are dancing through the trees

Romancing hearts and buttercups and caressing falling leaves

Pouring raindrops from the heavens drawing rainbows in the sun

Soaring through the meadows now the new dawn has begun.