The Fly And The Spider

‘Hello Mr Fly,

Why are you hanging there?’

‘Wrapped in silk so snug

Inside my spider’s lair’…

‘Good day Mr Spider… I am a silly fly,

I fell into your spider web,

As I descended from the sky,

I hope we can be friends,

And that you’ll set me free,

I do hope Mr Spider,

You won’t eat me for your tea’…

‘You see it is like this’…

Said the spider to the fly,

‘I have a hefty appetite,

So you may have to die…

It’s not that I’m unreasonable

Or a nasty sort of chap,

For at least you’re warm and cosy

Inside my silken wrap

Being swathed in silk

Must surely be a pleasure

And you can make me happy

When I eat you at my leisure’…