Mortal Stain

Freya dreams of the womb that cradled her

Of a mother who loved and always cared

Abandoned by family and due to give birth

Young Freya is alone, forgotten, and scared

The baby positioned inside her womb

But the place Freya lives is damned on this earth

In time it will be nothing more than her tomb

But a new life is moving near to its birth

Warsaw is torn by the bitterest war

And the raging war machine increases

The young woman hides behind an old door

As the bombs blast Warsaw into pieces

Freya covers her ears from the terrible sound

The dark legions of the Reich march on

She hides in a cellar underground

Freedom, and her free will is gone

Flames consume the burning houses

Freya grips her stomach and begins to scream

Her water breaks but never douses

The birth of new life and new dreams

But the nature of the fanatic’s mind

Has signed a warrant for their slaughter

For a Jewish mother and her child

Can never raise a son or daughter

Freya cries this night and cradles him

Her newborn boy with deep blue eyes

The noise outside, the ghastly din

Do not hide young Freya’s loving sighs

But the war it rages and crushes love

And the innocence of the child she bore

His gentle touch and gurgling tone

Are threatened by the hatred at the door

The monstrous will of men unknown

Freya’s house in darkness the war draws near

She wraps a blanket like a shroud

To hide the newborn and each tear

And listens as he screams out loud

Waiting for the brutal soldier

Ordered by a cruel regime

To take her baby before he’s older

Commit an act that is obscene

But there is deep love beneath this roof

And Freya loves her little child

Perhaps he need not know the truth?

Being freshly born and not defiled

That other sons they may destroy

Although they never kill a mother’s love

And as she kissed her little boy

Ignoring the fires up above

Freya knew in death that there is life

Her blue-eyed baby he would not die

She would protect him from this war’s strife

And his soul would rise up to the sky

Freya kissed his cheek and stroked his chin

A beautiful boy, a mother’s pride

She comforted him from mortal sin

Held him tightly at her side

In time she learned to hold his breath

And tearfully looked into his eyes

In love she choked her child to death

Cradled him at his demise

His lifeless form is free from pain

But the hoards of hell are drawing in

Freya’s hands now bear the mortal stain

Another measure of their sin.