Still Waters

The slope down the mud churned bank

Led into still waters

A dank flood of swirling black film

Covered the surface and stank of chemical decay

As no living creature lay beneath its wake

The liquid in the lake

Had once contained a myriad of aquatic life

But had grown static from an act of human error

That had unleashed the terror from a belching metal pipe

Which wiped away the wealth of life within

And it would never begin again

The dreamlike summer serenade is over

The clover that once laid a carpet

Gently around the rolling crystal shore

Does not grow here anymore

And the birds that made their nests 

In the shade of trees that did surround 

Have flown in fear to distant plains 

Leaving far behind the death choked streams remains

No sound is heard within this ghostly place

For nothing is alive the lake has lost her charm her grace